FirePro Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Systems

Green Fire Fighting Systems

When you’re looking for top quality work, QET is offering the  FirePro systems are tested and certified according to the most stringent international standards and requirements. The modular, pre-engineered FirePro units efficiently and effectively protect conventional, as well as, specially-designed projects. FirePro is currently commissioned to safeguard key assets for a portfolio of prestigious customers, in more than 110 countries around the world

FirePro Systems employ the latest generation of our FPC Compound, comprising mainly of Potassium salts with non-pyrotechnic materials. Upon activation, the FPC transforms into a rapidly expanding highly efficient and highly effective fire suppression condensed aerosol that is distributed evenly in the protected enclosure using the momentum developed in the transformation process. It extinguishes fire not by oxygen depletion or cooling, as suggested by the traditional triangle of fire, but by interrupting the chemical chain reactions occurring in the flame.

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